Praise to Six-arm Mahakala

Yutang Lin

Suffering of beings in the six realms
Compassion of Buddhas in the six directions
Are all loaded upon your capable six arms

Great compassion of Guan Yin
Great mercy of universal salvation
Great power capable of their realization

Solid virtue unmovable
More obvious in the face of obstacles
Like black covering all remaining colors

Arrived without being supplicated
Dharma is your only concern
Real refuge of Buddha's offspring you are


Six-arm Mahakala is a great Dharma protector that is a transformation of Guan Yin. Often he would engage in salvation activities at his own initiative without being supplicated; therefore, I praised him as "arrived without being supplicated, Dharma is your only concern." Being no different from Guan Yin's great compassion and mercy, he is the personification of Guan Yin's great power, and hence he is "real refuge of Buddha's offspring."

Composed upon request from disciple Zhi Xuan
Written in Chinese and translated on November 16, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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