Felt as Personally Experienced

Yutang Lin

Felt as personally experienced
An expression commonly used to convey sympathy
And yet to the practice and realization of oneness of all
It is simply a statement of truth

Upon contact of bodies, and even just staying close
A current of warmth and heat flows through
    And even takes root, becoming a source of warmth
Simultaneously, inner air of illness and congested channels
    Also passes on to occupy corresponding areas

Wholeheartedly willingly to share the fruits of realization with others
Without the slightest trace of shunning to absorb others' karmic debts
    Thus benefiting others without harming oneself
    Because in limitless-oneness naturally and soon afterwards
    All such foul airs will completely dissipate

Oneness-of-all is not an abstract and vacuous notion
As soon as self-centered thoughts are exhausted
Originally it is indeed like this

Written in Chinese and translated on November 8, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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