Equal Not Equal

Yutang Lin

All sentient beings are equal
As far as their original face, that is boundlessly sensitive
Free from grasping and originally pure, is concerned
Causal conditions vary from one to another, circumstances
Up and down like heaven and earth, in addition
Being ignorant to various degrees
Sentient beings are not all equal

If one can see essence and appearance simultaneously
Then one knows that one cannot mention only one side
The truth is, in equality there is inequality
And in inequality there is equality
Essence is the same but appearances differ, while appearances differ
Essence remains the same

Buddha's compassion is born of original purity of limitless oneness
Hence regards and cares for all sentient beings equally with mercy
Buddha's wisdom is free from grasping and infinitely responsive
Consequently, to sentient beings that are of so diversified propensities
Drastically different demonstrations and guidance are provided

If one comprehends fully the harmonious union of wisdom and compassion
One will know to appreciate the depth, breadth and wondrous ingenuities
Of the Reverend Both Wisdom and Compassion Fulfilled One
Thousand hands with thousand eyes are but of one mind and one intention
Boundless wisdom and boundless compassion naturally yield myriads responses

Written in Chinese and translated on November 2, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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