Cultivation of Buddha Pride

Yutang Lin

Mian Yan asked the question
I realize that my karmic hindrances are heavy
And thus wisdom and compassion are difficult to emerge
In daily life it is still difficult to decide how to conform to Dharma
How do I cultivate Buddha Pride

Buddha Pride is not thinking or saying
I am Buddha
If there is "I," there is no attainment of Enlightenment

Having comprehended that all things are of Blank Essence
From the Blank Essence, within which there is neither coming nor going
All things appear, evolve, and dissipate as causal conditions gather and disperse
Therefore, when causal conditions meet Buddha will appear

Karmic hindrances and ignorance had been purified through
Guru's blessing and one's own practices of Hundred-syllable Mantra
Within the sphere of originally pure Blank Essence
Guru blessed one further through Tantric initiations
To implant the Seed of Bodhi
And thus nurturing into Buddhahood became possible

All the time practice Dharma diligently
Everywhere conduct oneself according to Dharma
A Buddha offspring thus drinks Dharma nectar fulfillingly
And walks on the right path
It is only a matter of time for all causal conditions to gather and meet
All meritorious and virtuous characteristics of Buddha will be apparent

Receive and uphold the above teachings
And observe and carry them out accordingly
Such is the path for the cultivation of Buddha Pride

Written in Chinese and translated on October 31, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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