Letting Worries Go

Yutang Lin

Rong Rong asked for a Dharma name
Seeing that she is always worrying about this, worrying about that
Thinking so much
Let's call her "Fang Xin" (Letting Worries Go or No Need to Worry)

Ancient virtuous ones said, Let go of the seeking mind
It is written in Sutras, Let intentions come forth from no abiding
No harm to have intentions, but not to get stuck
No harm to seek, but need to be able to let go

If one can let worries go, one will constantly be at ease
Then others will not have to worry about you

Often let worries go, worries will be few
With few worries and few annoyances, everyone need not worry

Whatever the matters, rely on Buddha's blessings
Diligently practice Dharma without lax, surely no need to worry

Written in Chinese and translated on October 29, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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