Wisdom Lives United

Yutang Lin

Disciple Detong asked the question
Works written by disciples are on the rise daily
Will these be classified under a separate category

No need, I replied
Just continue to file them in the sequential order
So that those interested in pursuing our works
While reading them sequentially, may see
Dharma thrives among Gurus and disciples of our lineage
While our minds and activities thrive within Dharma

Although these works
May be distinguished as to their authors
And yet the views and echoes of minds they revealed
Amount to expression of the union of our wisdom lives

This article was moving
    Soon afterwards an essay appeared in response
That writing was persuasive
    Immediately several echoes were aroused

Taking refuge in Guru
Doesn't it mean to merge into wisdom life of the Dharmakaya
No need to make distinctions
Guru and disciples of same views and one mind
Will let this sequence of Dharma works display the lively force of our lineage

Written in Chinese and translated on October 28, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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