Who Deceived Whom

Yutang Lin

Some had not penetrated deeply into Tantric teachings
But only based on superficial data and personal conjectures
Blemished Tantra at will
To Tantric practitioners who had experienced the wondrous blessings
There is only profound pity for such ignorance
And for their self-hindrance owing to self-centeredness

Some said they took refuge in the Guru
And experienced some wondrous blessings
But could not cease the surging of doubts in their minds
Suddenly turned their faces, and never to show up again
Buddhas' grace and Guru's grace were all put aside
They even disparaged Tantra and Guru in public

Before such people came, and
After such people left
Tantric practices continued and remained the same
Those receiving blessings and recognized the grace continue to gather
But what had happened to those people
Still floating up and down in the ocean of worldly entanglements


Written in Chinese and translated on October 26, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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