Feeling of Being Cheated

Yutang Lin


Some expected others' replies
To be detailed and at full length
When learned to be otherwise
Feeling of being cheated arose
Vehement reactions poured out

Even judges and district attorneys
Might not obtain complete answers
How could one ask questions as one wishes
Why should others report to one all details

Worldly matters are often complicated, and hardly describable in few words
As one mentions this and mentions that, people and matters might get damaged
With good intentions, and care for others' privacy
It is only prudent to keep one's mouth tight, and talk about things at surface

Intending to please, and let words pour like river flowing from the mouth
Such a person can betray others for you today
Will probably reveal your secrets to others tomorrow

Knowing so much about others' matters, so what
Aren't you still unaware that in the human realm it is only
Senility, illness, death senility, illness, death endless recycling of suffering
With only a small head, how much can you know

Minding so much of others' matters, out of your way
Will this make you happy
Can you thus gain liberation
Unless you could use such opportunities to convey Dharma
Otherwise, it would be better to wrap up such deluded grasping
And devote your energy to practice Dharma diligently

Wake up, narrow mind-sight one
Your feeling of being cheated
Was born of ignorant and deluded grasping
But not due to someone's betrayal

Written in Chinese and translated on October 25, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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