Selfless Tantric Love Practice

Yutang Lin


If thoughts of I am Romeo I am Juliet still linger
There will be grasping of love and greed
And subsequent sorrows and entanglements

Need to comprehend that those engaging in Tantric Love
Are Supreme Pleasure Vajra and Vajra Yogini
Who are everlastingly present within Blank Essence
And are emerging out of Bodhicitta for all beings' salvation
Hence they are free from worldly considerations
And are capable of ever increasing joy and warmth

Mutually fusing into limitless oneness
That is originally pure
And hence it could not yield greed and entanglements

This is the pith of Buddha Pride in Tantric teachings
Practitioners of Tantric Love need to recognize it thoroughly
And sustain it in mind wholeheartedly
So that the shadow of self-grasping will vanish as wisdom shines
And the salvation of universal joy and pleasure may spread wide


Written in Chinese and translated on October 25, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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