Three Expressions to Travel the World with

Yutang Lin


Thirty years ago I learned Russian for three years
Now I can speak only three expressions in Russian
Very well, thank you, good-bye

When I met Ning Yi who speaks Russian I said
Your tourist guidance: very well
For your services: thank you
After lunch: good-bye
        (How could he know that I knew only so much)

Indeed, one could travel the world with these three expressions
When one could not figure it out, let others be in charge, just say
Very well, very well
Now that the situation is already so, accept the damages, and say
Thank you, thank you
Indeed no longer tolerable, better just leave, then say
Good-bye, good-bye

In short, harmony sustained, all relying on these three

Written in Chinese and translated on October 24, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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