Key Points of Repentance

Yutang Lin

Recognize clearly one's own mistakes
In front of Buddha, reveal one's transgressions
Vow never to commit the same errors, and ask for pardon
May Buddha's nectar wash one clean and clear
So one can again advance diligently on the path

As to whether one has reasons or not
And others understood one or not
Misunderstood one or not, and should be like this or that
These are all irrelevant to one's repentance
Mentioning such amounts to self-pretense and blaming others

The most important point is that
One regrets entanglement for minor personal matters
What nonsense and waste of life
Sufferings of sentient beings, and their emancipation
How come one had all forgotten


Written in Chinese and translated on October 22, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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