Pain of Metamorphosis

Yutang Lin

Becoming a moth must go through the struggle of getting out of a pupa
A small snake must go through many shedding to grow into a serpent
For an ordinary human being to become holy
The wrestling between worldly mentality and devotion to Bodhi must take place

Uneventful attainment of enlightenment is unheard of since ancient time
Do not assume that the Bodhi path will only be smooth
The passes that you constantly encounter to challenge and test you
Are the necessary stages and grounds on the path to full enlightenment

Sons and daughters of Bodhicitta!
Only by upholding Bodhi aspirations, intentions, and activities
Can you travel safely all the way
To grow into Buddhas that will convert and awaken the worldlings

Do not relax, nor wonder away
Enjoy your pain of metamorphosis
They are the pains of labor for the birth of a new Buddha offspring

Written in Chinese and translated on October 2, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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