Supplication to White Tara

Yutang Lin

Situations in the world are daily becoming more dangerous, and peace and safety are shrinking daily, so sentient beings' lives are fragile and endangered; could it be that your merciful eyes have not noticed these?

Perverse views are in abundance everywhere, violence and turmoil are flowing out of bounds, engaging in Dharma practices had become almost like a luxurious talk; could it be that your compassionate mind has not felt pity for these?

Born of Guan Yin's compassionate tears, as marrow of the loving-kindness of all Buddhas, your salvation activities spread throughout the entire Dharmadhatu; Mother Tara, only you are our refuge and savior!

All realms in perpetual peace and harmony, sentient beings enjoy good health and happiness, and Dharma practitioners attain full enlightenment; Mother Tara, may you grant us your protection and salvation!

Reverently composed upon request of disciple Zhi Xuan Zhang
Written in Chinese and translated on July 4, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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