Attached to Human Affairs

Yutang Lin

Being attached to human affairs is like tainted with feces.
Even clean air blows through will pass on stinking smell.
Mind set on Dharma will keep mundane thoughts far off.
Only then could fragrance and light of purity be expected.


Minute details of human affairs could not be forgotten. Old accountings are constantly checked through in mind. When mind is like this, so difficult to open up, one would not realize that it is a self-confinement in useless wastes. Thus, in conversation stinking smell would spread, and people encountering it would feel awful. The mind of a Dharma practitioner should abide on Dharma related matters, and voluntarily leave and renounce mundane thoughts and considerations. When one's actions and inactions are in accordance with Buddha's teachings and examples, daily the imbuing of fragrance and light of purity would increase. As such imbuing continues for long time and one becomes totally purified, then one would be spreading such imbuing in the world.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 13, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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