Praise to Cemetery Protectors

Yutang Lin

Difficult and expansive salvation upheld by a pair of skeletons.
Their own bodies emptied so as to receive bodies of all beings.
Allowing thousands of holes and pits to be dug up or covered,
So as to merge all bodies into oneness to rest in eternal peace.


More than two decades ago, as soon as I memorized the Three-kaya Powa orally transmitted to me from Guru Chen, I saw two large skeletons in a dream. Then Guru Chen taught me that cemetery protectors are a pair of father-and-mother skeletons, and that the dream meant they came to invite me to practice Powa in the cemetery to benefit the deceased there.

Nowadays I went to the nearby Sunset View Cemetery for a walk almost daily, and so I got to see the incessant digging or covering of pits here and there in the cemetery. Then I came to realize the compassionate tolerance of the earth god of cemeteries. Today on my way home from the walk I composed this praise.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 10, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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