Mind Moved

Yutang Lin

Picking on winds or flags are all pointing outwardly.
Reflecting on the root one realized that mind moved.
Blaming situations or people will not find a way out.
Choices are up to one's decision for Dharma practice.


As taught in the "Platform Sutra," two monks were arguing about whether it was the wind that moved or the flag that moved, and the Sixth Patriarch of Chan School commented, "Your kind ones' minds moved." Thus he indicated explicitly that both monks were grasping to form.

On the path of Dharma practices there are evolution of circumstances and gathering or dispersing of people from time to time. If these changes were evaluated in terms of right or wrong, that would be the "minds moved" of grasping to form, and there is no way out of such discussions. Whatever the situations have become one decides to practice in accordance with the Dharma under the given circumstances toward liberation; this would be the right path for advancement toward enlightenment.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 9, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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