To Unify Dual Sides

Yutang Lin

Walking on the Middle Path without fallen into the dual sides,
Lost on both ends, whereto should one approach or stay away?
Once dual sides are unified one would turn around only lively,
Salvation moves can go back or forth depending on occasions.


My previous work "To Open and Close at Will" contained a deeper significance that is to be revealed here. In Dharma it is often said that one should not fall into the extremes of either side of a duality, and that actions and non-actions that are in accordance with the philosophy of Blank Essence (Sunyata) constitute the Middle Path (between the two extremes). Nevertheless, ordinarily it is rather difficult for people to comprehend the significance of Blank Essence, not to mention to attain its realization in deeds. When Buddhists attempted to avoid falling into the extremes of two sides of a duality, in fact often they could not escape from falling into failure on both sides, and then they would not know where to approach to and where to stay away from. Therefore, we should understand that Blank Essence does not fall into the two extremes of duality and yet it does unify the two opposite sides of duality. And hence, actions and non-actions of the Middle Path that are in accordance with the philosophy of Blank Essence are simply lively behaviors that can move forward or backward, left or right, depending on the circumstances. Once this is comprehended, one would not have any specific grasping, but just spend the rest of one's life in salvation activities as situations arise and allow, so as to reveal such thorough comprehension of the essence of Dharma.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 27, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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