Waited over Five-hundred Years for Powa

Yutang Lin

Zheng E diligently gathered photos and posted them on-line
For Guru to bless deceased by Powa beyond time and space.
Such Bodhi services inspired some ghost to tell her in a dream:
They had long waited for salvation for over five-hundred years!


Disciple Zheng E has been diligent in gathering and then posting on-line photos of cemeteries from around the world for me to perform Powa salvation service and for interested Buddhists to practice cemetery visits in virtual space. Recently, soon after she had just posted photos from 73 cemeteries in and around Poland, she posted photos from 55 cemeteries in Queensland, Australia. And she explained to me that, in a dream she saw some ghost from Queensland who told her that they had been waiting for salvation for over 500 years, so she dared not delay the posting. Opportunities for salvation are so difficult to encounter; those of us on the Dharma path should treasure dearly this fortunate opportunity and endeavor to cultivate and nourish it.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 22, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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