Wherefrom the Power

Yutang Lin

As Wisdom and Compassion unified in the absence of Self,
Power and function in limitless oneness will arise naturally.
It takes time to become mature in thorough harmonization,
Skill and strength gradually gain expansion and profundity.


Upasaka Zhang Yu, who had gathered many news of deceased beings or victims of calamities from the world-wide web, almost daily for many years, for me to conduct Powa or prayer services, asked me to explain Power as found in the Trinity of Wisdom, Compassion and Power, so as to help Dharma practitioners master the harmonious unification of the Trinity. Therefore I wrote this piece.

Power of Buddha, or Power of Dharma, is a natural function of the unification of Wisdom and Compassion in the absence of any Self. It arises out of the Dharmakaya which is the limitless oneness of all, and it is capable of accomplishing salvation functions that transcend karmic consequences. To attain it all that a Dharma practitioner could do is just to engage in Dharma practices and services as much as possible. And then through the wholehearted and complete dedication of one's time and energy to Dharma one gradually experiences fading away of self-centered grasping and harmonious union of Wisdom and Compassion. As the degree of purity of one's returning to the original purity grows and matures, the effectiveness of Power of Dharma, or Power of Buddha, will become ever evident, and one's skill in accomplishing salvation activities will reach closer to perfection. The above are theories; those who aspire to Bodhi should make efforts to realize them themselves.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 3, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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