Round Reflection of Bath Pond

Yutang Lin

Reciting verses while swimming in Bath Pond generated many stanzas,
Compassion, mercy, joy and renunciation were reflected roundly at once.
Jade-like pebbles scattered around, adding grace to its tranquil scenery,
Radiance contained within to harmonize each other in soothing delight.


"Bath Pond" in Chinese has the same pronunciation as my name "Yu Tang". Such a connection came to mind only when I started to write my poems in calligraphy upon disciples' requests. Since "Bath Pond" is more poetic, so I started to use it as my name for my calligraphy.

When I did calligraphy on "Unification of Four Boundless Minds" I sensed that this work had roundly presented the intimate connections of the Four Boundless Minds in Oneness, and so when I came to put down "Bath Pond" in writing at the end, there naturally arose in my mind the words "Yuan Ying" (round reflection), and I put it down in writing right there.

"Yu Tang Yuan Ying," round reflection of bath pond, is a beautiful state of mind, and disciple Wang Hao will carve it into a seal to preserve its graceful refinement that transcends limitations of time and space. Since he had a pair of seal stones, he also asked my wife to come up with the phrase "Xiu Ying Han Hui," jade-like beautiful stone containing radiance, for carving so as to attain a harmonious matching pair.

Notes Added to the Translation: "Xiu Ying" is my wife's name in Chinese and it means jade-like beautiful stone. Also, "Grace" is the English name that my wife uses at work. Knowing these, the third line of the poem becomes more significant to the reader.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 31, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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