Praise to the Medicine Guru Buddha

Yutang Lin

Namo Medicine Guru Buddha of Lapis Lazuli Light

Great vows twelve in number, guarding and guiding all beings;
Mishaps and misfortunes fade away upon hearing thy holy name.

Pure body of lapis lazuli light, brightening the whole Dharmadhatu;
Worshipping it with offerings in reverence yields freedom from fear.

Great mantra of secret power, pacifying and eradicating all suffering;
Repeating it devoutly and constantly brings peace and harmony.

Guarding generals twelve in number, protecting the pure and faithful ones;
Offering lamps and reciting the sutra will prolong life of wisdom.

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha emits pure lights,
Spiritual nature of sentient beings in all directions are revealed!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha enunciates clear sounds,
Sorrows of sentient beings at all times are eradicated!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha always remembered,
Suffering of illnesses and dangers to life will all be pacified!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha is the savior,
Calamities extinguished, life prolonged, and Bodhi attained!

Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who leaves no details untouched!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who comes in person to teach!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who has corrected my posture!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who empathizes so subtly!

Written in Chinese on November 26, 2006
Translated into English on November 30, 2006
A Study for the Cultivation of Harmony
El Cerrito, California, USA

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