Poems from the Bath Pond

Yutang Lin

Look! In the water of this clean and clear bath pond
Boundlessly open sunny sky appears in reflection.
Take off worldly considerations, nakedly immerse
To wash away earthly dusts, and then remain at ease
In the originally pure realm of limitless oneness.


Disciple Wang Hao asked me to select and then write some of my Chinese poems in calligraphy. So I asked disciples and Dharma friends to offer their selections but limit the choices to only poems that moved them or were deemed important to them.

The pronunciation of my name in Chinese, Lin Yu Tang, is the sameas that of "Shower Hall" in Chinese, and I wrote about this in a work years ago. This time in doing the calligraphy I intended to use only Yu Tang to indicate affection for these poems. And then I thought of "Bath Pond" in Chinese as having the same pronunciation but more poetic. Hence, in the future when all these poems by me in my calligraphy are compiled together into a book, the title will be, Yu Tang You Yong, Poems from the Bath Pond.

In the past my wife Shou Yean had done calligraphy for a few poems by me. These will also be included in this book in recognition of her contribution to the Dharma services.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 9, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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