Gentle Interactions

Yutang Lin

What is the ultimate consequence of punching heavy blows to each other?
Even after time moved by and situations changed one is still self-confined.
Gentle interactions would melt one and others into boundless communion.
In limitless oneness helpful forces are many and benefits indeed profound.


This morning in a dream I received the following teachings:
A woman and I were punching right fists against each other; I punched rather heavily and we did so several times. Then I again punched out but she did not; nevertheless, I still felt the same impact as previously. She then said (in Chinese), "This is the limitation brought about by your previous reaction." I immediately comprehended that I should have waved my palm gently (instead of punching heavily) to receive the blessing force from limitless oneness.

If we had reacted vehemently to people or matters, afterwards even though situations and matters are no longer the same, our minds would still be confined by our past strong reactions, and consequently could not merge well with the real phenomena. Therefore, as we practice on the enlightenment path, we should endeavor to interact with all beings and matters in gentle manners and approaches, only thus could we receive the helping forces and beneficial conditions within limitless oneness.

My gratitude to the Dharmakaya for granting such teachings!

Written in Chinese and translated on February 20, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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