Regarded as One Sentient Being

Yutang Lin

Compassion of Buddha extends equally to all sentient beings.
Relieving suffering and granting satisfaction should be asked.
Praying for one’s own child, wouldn’t it be selfishly leaning?
Regarded as one sentient being, then it is in accord with Bodhi.


Buddha’s compassion encompasses all sentient beings. Therefore, we should pray for each and every sentient being’s leaving suffering and attaining happiness. Some thought that requesting prayers for one’s own family members could not be free from leaning toward selfishness. Such hesitant consideration was born of not yet attaining a harmonized and thorough understanding of the Dharma. As long as one’s relatives are regarded as some sentient beings, then such prayer requests are in accord with Bodhi vows and activities, and hence there is no need to sustain such worries of having committed selfish leaning. Regarding close ones and distant ones as equals, then one’s activities will naturally be in accord with the enlightenment path.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 26, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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