Awakening Words at Bedtime

Yutang Lin

At bedtime reminds oneself of upholding Bodhicitta.
If this were to be the last sleep in life, don’t forget it.
Transcending all situations to grant safe passages,
Nurturing wisdom and compassion till maturation.


At bedtime think of one’s age, and then that people who passed away before reaching this age are not few, and then that years to come in this life are not many. All are impermanent. If after entering this sleep one no longer wakes up, be sure not to forget the Bodhicitta. This is because only Bodhicitta can guarantee that one will not get lost and become fallen but will safely pass all situations, and furthermore it will guide one to nurture wisdom and compassion until perfect enlightenment.

Every time when one goes to bed think as above. Thus Bodhicitta will not be forgotten, and one will readily attain enlightenment sooner.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 5, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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