Not to Stay outside

Yutang Lin

In the absence of attachments and without cognition,
Even slightest intentions already formed barricades.
Merging into oneness of the totality transcends ideas.
Don’t seek explanations and thus stay circling outside.


Ultimately Dharma aims at realization of the original oneness of all. In this union of all in the totality, there is no trace of cognition or knowledge. As we progress on the enlightenment path we definitely should not mistakenly grasp to trying to explain all phenomena in terms of Dharma, and thus become blocked from ultimate realization of oneness and unfortunately remain an outsider to the realization. To the ultimate realization of Dharma whatever had been put into words are merely playful talks. Only need to thoroughly eradicate all grasping and it will be the original natural harmonious union.

Written in Chinese on January 4, 2007
Translated on January 5, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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