Merging into Totality

Yutang Lin

One line as if there were but actually non-existent,
All mental distinctions are exactly like this.
Suddenly evaporated and clearly seen to be so,
Merging back into totality, such joy prompts singing and dancing.


This morning during sleep I saw myself in a large hall, like an opera house, full of people, and I had not the slightest intention to make myself outstanding. Suddenly I merged into the totality and I clearly sensed oneness of all. A tremendous joy felt and it prompted naturally a tune in my mind. I then stepped my left and right foot alternatively to the tempo while humming the tune, and showed it to someone besides me. Right away I composed this poem (in Chinese) in the bed, and then got up to put it down on paper. I also recorded the tune in simplified musical notes. Thereafter, I also had the following reflections:
With theories it is distant apart, without theories it is difficult to see through;
Employing theories to receive and guide a bit, without words it is truly intimate.

The music score of the tune is as follows:
(In the Chinese manuscript I also presented the musical notes. In computer I don’t know how to do this. So I will wait till I get a musical score for this tune to insert it here instead of this remark here.)

Written in Chinese and translated on January 1, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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