Much in Common

Yutang Lin

Quarreling over minor differences for superiority or inferiority,
Thoroughly forgotten that we all have so much else in common.
Sooner or later, senility, illnesses and death will creep over us.
How come people don't take them serious and prepare in advance?


Where people in the world are ardently competing for superiority or inferiority, viewed from outside the arena are mostly only minor differences. What are much in common to all sentient beings, such as senility, illnesses and death, are often even put out of their minds. Matters ahead that are sure to come are not prepared for, and yet situations that are bound to evolve and change are desperately contrived to build up. Suffering born of delusion, could this be the description?

Written in Chinese and translated on December 4, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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