Appreciating Buddha's Compassion

Yutang Lin

Calling on Buddha out of gratitude that stemmed from my heart,
Has Buddha's compassion ever be favored only on any one being?
Opening one's sight to the whole Dharmadhatu, all are in oneness.
Appreciating Buddha's universal compassion, we praise in unison.


A few days ago while reverently composing the "Medicine Guru Buddha Unification Sadhana" I included hailing taken from an earlier work "Hail to Medicine Guru Buddha" into the section on praises. Although those hailing were based on one's personal experiences and stemmed from only one person's mind, nevertheless, Buddha's mercy is universally extended equally to all beings, and never aim at only the salvation of just one person, hence as we comprehend and appreciate the depth and expanse of Buddha's compassionate mind we should hail in unison with such sincere and devout hailing. Therefore, such hailing is appropriate for all to adopt in practice.

Written in Chinese on November 29, 2006
Translated on December 1, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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