Yutang Lin

Hundred kinds of musical instruments individually played and resonated,
Producing tones and sounds harmonious and melodies attracting to ears.
Worldly manners of myriads varieties, with compassion one plunged into.
Walking through dusts without became polluted, all attained sublimation.


With tones and sounds variant, and yet that does not affect their concurrent symphony. Therefore, observing sounds may ease one's comprehension of the selfless nature of all things. Engaging in Dharma practices aims at emancipation; therefore, one renounces worldly engagements to practice pure ways beyond worldly pollutions. To attain ultimate liberation one needs to benefit all beings at disregard to self-interests; therefore, one enters worldly communities with the aim to enlighten them and to build extensive Dharma connections. How then to harmonize renouncing the world and entering the world, and remaining unpolluted and accommodating to situations? All things are of Blank Essence and hence originally pure. As long as this point is thoroughly comprehended, then one would be able to practice pure ways while accommodating to situations, and renouncing the worldly manners while living among worldlings. One would leave dualistic attitudes behind and proceed in the symphony of Blank Essence and phenomena, purity and worldly, and enjoy the pleasure of selflessness amid such movements.

Written in Chinese on November 28, 2006
Translated on December 1, 2006
Composed while listening to the Cultivation of Harmony Guqin (seven-stringed zither) music sent by a disciple
El Cerrito, California

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