Original Purity of Mantra Words

Yutang Lin

Sanskrit Mantras translated into Tibetan and became standard texts.
In lands of Chinese the tradition is followed but difficult to master.
Since all things are of original purity and our pure lineage authentic,
From now on we will use Chinese characters to spell out all mantras.


Mantras of Buddhist Tantras are traditionally written in Sanskrit or Tibetan as the norm. Indeed, the Tibetan mantras were transliterations of Sanskrit mantras. Since in Tantra keeping things in accordance with the traditions is most reverently observed the Tantric teachings propagated in lands of Chinese abided by Tibetan Mantras. Consequently, to Tantric practitioners who are not familiar with Tibetan, reading, writing and visualization of mantras became very difficult.

All things are of original purity. Chinese characters are also of original purity. As long as the lineage is authentic and pure, the writing, reading and visualization of Chinese transliteration of Mantras should be approved by patriarchs and Buddhas. Therefore, in the Chinese version of my recent works such as "Bodhisattva Earth Treasure Unification Sadhana" and "Medicine Guru Buddha Unification Sadhana" only Chinese transliteration of the mantras were given. (And similarly in the English versions of these sadhanas only Pin Yin of the mantras were given.) Here I reverently presented explanations for this initiative to benefit successors.

Written in Chinese on November 26, 2006
Translated on November 30, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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