Purification of Karma

Yutang Lin

Heavy karmas from the past are difficult to purify.
Viewed in light of Bodhi they could turn into stock.
No longer see them as good or bad, right or wrong.
Buddha sprouts grow out of application of manure.


Buddhists often encountered many hindrances on the path to enlightenment because of their heavy karmas generated in the past. Especially those heavy clouds lingering in their minds that are beyond their ability to drive away, and beyond their strength to clear away through repentance. Nevertheless, if one could ardently aspire toward Great Bodhi, wishing to dedicate one's life toward Dharma practices so that all beings may attain enlightenment sooner, then it would be possible to purify past karmas quickly. Why is this so? When one who has developed Great Bodhi reflects over past karmas, such a person will no longer become trapped in distinctions and comparisons of good or bad, or right or wrong. Instead, all past karmas will be looked upon as experiences gained in the process of leading oneself toward enlightenment. Consequently, all past experiences will become bases for one's advancement on the path to enlightenment. Thus, past karmas are turned completely into stocks for Dharma practices, and thereby thoroughly purified.

The success or failure of this transformation process rests on whether one's Bodhicitta is genuine, remains steady and never wavers. May Dharma practitioners comprehend this teaching, and thereby soon leave behind the suffering of past karmas!

Written in Chinese on November 6, 2006
Translated on November 28, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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