Three Essentials of Safe Passage

Yutang Lin

Genuine Bodhicitta sustained by a pure mind,
Views harmonized beyond conceptual frames,
Solid practices and activities without quackery,
Three essentials for safely crossing Dharma Sea.


A life devoted to Dharma practices is a lengthy one without the end in sight. Due to personal karmic hindrances and one's lack of maturity in views and behaviors a practitioner would often encounter many difficulties. In order to safely traverse and eventually attain fruits on the practice path, according to my own experiences, there are three essentials: 1. A sincere and pure Bodhicitta, i.e., aspiration toward enlightenment, 2. Harmonized right views, and 3. Solid Dharma practices and activities.

With a pure and genuine Bodhicitta one may sustain one's clarity of mind in any perplexing situations. With harmonized right views one will be able to figure a way out on one's own in the face of any hindrances and difficulties. With solid Dharma practices and activities one may avoid tangles born of karmic relations and entanglements.

Whether one's Bodhicitta is genuine or not is up to the sincerity of one's aspiration toward enlightenment. When one's Bodhicitta is genuine then it will become ever purer through one's upholding it through situations in life. It would not be easy to achieve harmonization of right views; however, if one's mind could abide in Dharma, one would learn from the writings and activities of matured adepts and imitate them, and one would ponder carefully in details whenever one encounters problems, then one would gradually attain this. Solidarity of one's Dharma practices and activities could be built up if one does not chase after worldly fames and profits but sustains daily Dharma practice sessions without delinquency.

Written in Chinese on November 6, 2006
Translated on November 22, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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