Love in not Helping

Yutang Lin

Guarding protectively all the time will yield only weak sprouts.
Showering prizes makes it difficult to appreciate the generosity.
Let go without extending a helping hand yet with love profound.
Responding to all equally according to situations is real salvation.


To love someone is to help the person become independently capable. Protecting all the time will disable the person's ability to be independent. Granting too much awards will prevent the person from experiencing the hardships encountered during the process of gaining achievements, and consequently unable to appreciate how valuable the fruits are. Therefore, to love someone one should let go without extending a helping hand so that the person may learn to stand up again after fallen. The great compassion of Buddha lies in the great wisdom of responding to all sentient beings equally in accordance with causal conditions of the given situations.

Written in Chinese on November 3, 2006
Translated on November 18, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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