Achieved through Causal Means

Yutang Lin

Being ignorant of causal conditions one aspires delusively to goals.
Insisting on remaining free from seeking, one is like wood or stone.
To help sentient beings attain enlightenment sooner, one needs to
Plant causal seeds and cultivate favorable conditions to achieve it.


Ordinarily people sustained wishes without realistically knowing the long-term consequences, and often they could not consider the matter in light of causal conditions to see if the wishes were reasonable or not, therefore, one might say that worldly people sustain delusive aspirations. Some said that a practitioner should sustain no seeking; as such one could hardly avoid falling into the one-sided grasping to "no seeking." Indeed, a practitioner should aspire to the sooner liberation from Samsara and sooner attainment of enlightenment of all sentient beings. Thus one would not fall into the biased position of "no seeking," nor would one commit the fallacy of sustaining delusive aspirations, and yet one could actively advance toward the great and long-lasting goals. As to how one would advance on the path it is still inseparable from causal reflections and amendments. A practitioner should act in accordance with causal conditions, and exert efforts in reduction of karmic debts, cultivation of merits, nurturance of compassion and growth of wisdom so as to reach fruits of Buddhahood and thereby to save all sentient beings.

Written in Chinese on November 3, 2006
Translated on November 17, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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