Constantly Practicing Tolerance

Yutang Lin

Environment is like dragon's pond or tiger's den,
Suffering is the same as in deep water or hot fire.
Practicing tolerance renders perilous path smooth,
Attainment means ominous events turn auspicious.


A disciple commented that, practicing in daily life according to the mantra given at the end of my Great Compassion Heart Sastra, "Tolerance, tolerance, tolerance for all, tolerance with joy," had often been effective. His wife, also a disciple of mine, was by his side and heard this, responded immediately, "Others hearing this would think that you had a dominant wife causing you to practice tolerance constantly." Upon recollection of this incident, this work was written.

Written in Chinese on October 6, 2006 in Hong Kong
Translated on October 29, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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