Bodhi Motivation

Yutang Lin

Aspiration toward Bodhi is hard to take root in mind.
Worldly considerations would curtail its germination.
Insufficient motivation caused it to recede and wither.
Progress in Dharma practices requires self-motivation.


Learners of Dharma are many, but advanced ones are few. Occasionally Bodhi aspiration rises; soon it would flow away. Looking back and worrying ahead, thus Buddha sprout could hardly shoot. Zeal easily fades away; constancy lacks strength. Passing time by going along with the worldly ways, such ones would have no date for emancipation. Making progress on the awakening path depends on each one's own diligence. Impermanence is pressing closely behind; do not live this life in vain. Attain enlightenment and serve in salvation activities; thus is where ultimate peace and joy abide!

Written in Chinese and translated on August 22, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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