Tying Thoughts on Bodhi

Yutang Lin

Sitting in silence does not amount to withered still,
Instead one ties thoughts on and around the Bodhi.
Worldly worries and sorrows could not show up,
Tranquility and ease gradually spread throughout.


Ordinarily people's thoughts could not escape from the tiny circles of their self-chosen biased interests, and hence they could not stop worrying. It would be beneficial for a Dharma practitioner to constantly tie thoughts on matters related to the earlier attainment of thorough liberation from transmigration and of complete maturation of wisdom and compassion in harmony for all sentient beings. When one sits in silence, if one could tie one's thoughts in this way to Bodhi, then worldly worries could not arise, and one would gradually feel inner peace, stability and meaningful fulfillment.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 27, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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