Root Reflection

Yutang Lin

As intention and ideas arise, do not follow their flow.
Reflect on their roots to find out where grasping lies.
Impermanence and Non-self mean no grasping good.
Fixed ideas all gone, then originally all are at peace.


Non-self, no grasping, and impermanence constitute fundamental teachings of the Dharma. For a practitioner, at the juncture of arising of intention or ideas, if reflection could be done in accordance with these fundamental principles, and thereby one becomes aware of subtle grasping to Self or intentions and of lack of appreciation of impermanence, then it would often be the case that extensive and useless delusive thoughts could be avoided.

The tantric Buddhist practice of Chod is basically working on destroying the fixed view, that we are grasping on firmly, that recognizes the corporeal body as one's Self. Generalizing from this practice, we could practice visualization of destroying all fixed ideas and views with a curved knife. As soon as all ideas and views no longer abide in and hold sway over our minds, we will naturally resume peace and tranquility of mind in original purity.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 7, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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