Offering in Bodhicitta

Yutang Lin

Offerings and almsgivings are made with all beings' enlightenment in mind.
They are kindly accepted to grant blessing and help accumulation of merits.
The deeds of body, speech and mind serve as exemplifying demonstrations.
Through boundless dedication and giving oneness in totality will be realized.


In the practice of making offerings or almsgiving the intention should be for the accumulation of meritorious and wisdom stocks for all sentient beings so as to hasten their attainment of perfect enlightenment. In reception of offerings or alms one should understand that thereby one is helping the donor to accumulate meritorious virtues so as to speed up the donor's attainment of enlightenment. As to the deeds of body, speech and mind and objects that are offered or given, they serve as implements of demonstration for this profound Bodhicitta. To the practitioners' minds worldly values of such implements should be transcended. Therefore, regardless of the high or low of their worldly values and of the large or small of their amounts, all offerings and alms are equally valued in light of their spiritual significances. Practicing like this, and doing it universally without self-set limitations, only then could one possibly realize oneness of all. Applying this principle so that Bodhicitta imbues all our intentions and behaviors in our daily life would amount to corporeal existence of Truth on earth.

Written in Chinese on June 22, 2006
Translated on July 1, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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