Identical to Dharmadhatu

Yutang Lin

Since sentient beings do not have inherent selves,
They are identical to the boundless Dharmadhatu.
As such we could not make forceful demands,
And this comprehension voids all our sorrows.


Dharma teaches that all are without inherent self. Thus, sentient beings in our presence are identical to the boundless Dharmadhatu. All changes and evolutions in the Dharmadhatu could not be captured, demanded, nor expected by us. Hence, all our sorrows, entanglements and calculations are simply our self-disturbances born of our ignorance. Thoroughly comprehending that each and every sentient being is identical to the boundless Dharmadhatu, and all sorrows will have no ground for their standing.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 6, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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