Rejoicing in Others' Merits

Yutang Lin

Rejoice upon seeing or hearing others making offerings;
Accumulation of spiritual stocks will even the path ahead.
Arbitrary advice to change the course creates karmic debt,
Interfering to gain self-interests is transgression even worse.


Upon seeing or hearing others' behavior or intention of making offerings one should praise or rejoice in it and even help its accomplishment. This is because the spiritual stocks accumulated through making offerings will help even the practice path and even bring about sooner attainment of the right realization.

Each individual is motivated not identically and has different opportunities and situations. Upon our hearing or seeing their intention or behavior it is not advisable to give evaluations arbitrarily or to advice them to change their courses lest they become misled by our prejudices or narrow views. As to the case of interfering with others' set courses of making offerings so as to gain self-interests, that would be a serious transgression. May Dharma practitioners constantly practice rejoicing in others' meritorious deeds without this kind of infringements!

Written in Chinese and translated on March 14, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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