Flower-First Age

Yutang Lin

At Flower-First age one treasures time on one's hand.
The remaining hours may be scarce, not to be wasted.
Refrain from casual matters to nurture inner tranquility.
Only hope to see enlightenment activities spread daily.


The Chinese count the nine months in the womb as the first year of one's age. Consequently, at age 59 as westerners count it, one is considered 60 years old. For this age 60, the Chinese have a special name Hua Jia, that means a full cycle of the Chinese way of naming years, and I translated it literally as Flower-First.

Passing age 50 the state of mind made some turns. As one's age approaches Flower-First, one realizes that the remaining time is scarce. To pure and genuine Dharma activities I devote myself wholeheartedly. As to other engagements I decline as much as I can.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 13, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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