Root of Realizing Impermanence

Yutang Lin


Root of realizing impermanence is renunciation of grasping.
In the absence of artificial maneuvers it is originally at ease.
Looking ahead and reflecting back are both mental diseases.
Responding spontaneously one realizes harmony in oneness.


A disciple asked, "Wherein lies the root of impermanence? It is not easy to grasp it."

When impermanence is keenly and genuinely realized there is no longer anything that matters. To practice on impermanence so as to gain realization of impermanence, the root lies in renunciation of one's grasping at all levels. Recollecting the past or worrying ahead is an extra activity that brings on incessant self-disturbances. A practitioner flows through situations without intentions and responds spontaneously; thus, realization of the original harmony of all phenomena might gradually be attained.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 6, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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