Perpetual Goodwill

Yutang Lin


Constantly praying for others, goodwill continuous,
Ignoring enmity, always respond with compassion,
Cultivated harmony for long, residence in tranquility,
Entering the abode is relaxing, one left with smiles.


During Chinese New Year a disciple bought two pots of blooming orchids; one as offering in my altar room and the other for their residence. She noticed that the blossom in my altar room turned out to look more beautiful than the one at their home. Another disciple came to visit after he just recovered from a minor operation. On the way here he still felt some discomfort. As soon as he entered the altar room he felt very comfortable. After the visit he no longer needed to take medication for easing the pain.

Therefore, they asked me as to why it was so. I replied after contemplation that, I had been praying for others for many years, and hence constantly there is only goodwill in my mind; consequently, the atmosphere of my residence had also been transformed into one fulfilled with auspicious harmony, and hence it could benefit sentient beings.

Written in Chinese on February 17, 2006
Translated on February 20, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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