Swirling Disks of Smoke

Yutang Lin


During fire puja to Guan Yin special blessing was bestowed on me.
Swirling disks of smoke kept running from the fire pile toward me.
Twenty-two times to signify the four arms weaving four activities,
And Twenty-five in total to indicate Dakini's help in accomplishments.


Report on the fire puja to Guan Yin on February 12, 2006:

The fire puja went well effortlessly from beginning to the end. The fire pile fell toward the master's table. In the ashes there appeared a large elephant facing the master's table, and down on the platform to one side was a puppy facing also the master's table. Later on the south side of the ash pile there appeared a large fish with wide-open mouth toward the Buddha altar, while on the north side a large dog with a spirited eye. Still later there appeared a lion's head on top of the ashes with a circle that resembled Tai Chi (Tai Ji) immediately below it.

As the fire puja came to a close suddenly a swirling disk of smoke came out from the fire pile, it moved on the surface of the platform, and move toward me. Such swirling disks appeared only twice or thrice before here. To our amazement more and more such disks came out, so we started to count them. By the time we finished the circumambulation, there were 22 such disks. So I explained to attendants that it meant the four arms of Chenrezig, two on each side, and since all such disks came toward me, it meant the blessing of Guan Yin on me with the Four Kinds of Activities. As soon as I said this, one large disk came out and again came toward me, as if to certify my explanation. Then two more came toward me. So there were in total 25 disks that came out and all came toward me. This is a true miracle.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 13, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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