Auspicious Thunder Roaring

Yutang Lin


Thunder roaring in sunny sky during Guru Chen's fire puja to Green Tara,
The sixteenth Karmapa taught that it's an omen of teaching wide-spreading.
As soon as my recording of my "Amitabha Unification Sadhana" concluded,
Auspicious inspiration of roaring thunder was heard in sunny sky for a while!


When the "Green Tara Homa Ritual" composed by Guru Chen was performed for the first time, during the puja there was thunder in sunny sky. Some people asked the sixteenth Karmapa about its significance, and Karmapa indicated that it was an auspicious omen that the teaching would spread all over the world. Later it turned out that the English Sadhana "Tara Meditation" composed by Guru Chen was well received and adopted for practice by many Buddhists around the world.

On October 19, 2005 sometime after 2 p.m. I was in a guestroom at Kuching Buddhist Society, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Upon the request of some Buddhists there I was reciting the Chinese version of my work "Amitabha Unification Sadhana" for recording so that later they may use it during group practice of the Sadhana. At the conclusion of the Sadhana I repeated the title once more to signify its conclusion. As soon as I finished saying the title, immediately there was roaring thunder in the sunny sky, and it roared on for a while. Since I was recording the recitation this auspicious inspiration was also recorded in the tape. Thanks to Buddha's grace that such an auspicious inspiration was granted, and it had certainly encouraged and inspired devotion in those who planned to adopt this Sadhana for regular practice. Here I carefully recorded the inspiration as a token of my sincere gratitude.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 3, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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