Arbitrary Labeling

Yutang Lin


Prejudices formed by willfully knitting deluded thoughts.
Arbitrarily apply labels of "Buddha", "devil", "ascending" or "descending."
Alas! Such practices have nothing to do with reality.
Dharma wheel forever spins to spread the waves of Buddha's grace.


Having returned to original purity, mind is open and spacious; transcending biases, Dharmadhatu is in harmonious union.

Never renounced the worldly ways, delusive thoughts incessantly continue; knitting prejudices willy-nilly, insisting on one's grasping and live in antagonism.

Hastily jumped to judgments, arbitrarily apply labels onto people and matters; scenery of the original state, when had they ever envisioned?

Judging shallowness and depth without qualification, could not even touch the real significance; Dharma wheel forever spins, and waves of Buddha's grace continue to spread.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 3, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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