Universal Illumination

Yutang Lin

Wisdom light of Non-self illuminates inner and outer realms.
Merciful compassion expands beyond limits and distinctions.
Concepts and grasping all dissolved into original emptiness.
Joyful Harmony pervades to guide beings at all opportunities.


May all that are on the path toward enlightenment possess the wisdom of Non-self, such that they are not limited by the concept of a person in their dealings with others and have no grasping to a "self" in their minds! May they be genuine in their compassion for all sentient beings, such that they would not linger in worldly trifles and contests! May they sustain no prejudices in their hearts and no abiding in their minds, such that openness and equanimity prevail and lead to a natural joyful harmony in their beings! May they enlighten beings at every opportunity simply through their wholesome daily activities!

Written in Chinese and translated on January 1, 2006
El Cerrito, California

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