Practices on Amitabha Buddha

Yutang Lin

Through supplication to Buddha one attains pure realm.
In unification with Amitabha one realizes Nirmanakaya.
Singing the Heart Mantra help open the central channel.
Diligently practice in this sequence many will be saved.


Days ago while propagating Dharma in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia upon request I gave explanations on "Amitabha Unification Sadhana" that I composed. As soon as I finished recording my recitation of this Sadhana immediately there was the auspicious omen of thunder in sunny sky. It is a sign that this practice will spread far and wide. Some Buddhists in Kuching would like to gather regularly to practice this Sadhana together. Hence, I told them that it would be nice to recite first the "Supplication to Amitabha Buddha" that I composed, and then practice according to the Sadhana. After the Sadhana practice one could, in addition, sing "The Mantra of Amitabha Buddha" that I composed, and practice visualization along according to my work, "A Visualization for Singing the Mantra of Amitabha." All the works mentioned above had long since been posted at our websites already. The oral explanation I gave at Kuching had been volunteered to be transcribed by some Buddhist there, so hopefully it will be posted at our website in the near future. This sequence of practices on Amitabha Buddha is very complete, and hence I purposely pointed it out in this article with the hope that Buddhists interested in practices on Amitabha will notice it.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 30, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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